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A cool moody track from Mark's album The Strange Case Of. "In The Stillness," displays many cool sounds that we were getting from Leslies and too much reverb.

Recording Artists

The Northern Pikes

Have a listen to a few of the projects I've worked on over the years.

If something is missing please let me know. Cheers.


From the Northern Pikes album, "It's A Good Life." The guys decided they wanted to do a rock record.  They came into the studio with beer and amps and we succeeded.  Cheers!

Punch Drunk Cabaret
The Sheepdogs

Punch Drunk Cabaret is one of those bands that wanted to capture their live show in the studio.  The only thing we were missing were the dancing girls.

These guys were lots of fun in the studio and more fun when we went to Toronto to the mastering session.  This song has one of my all time favorite guitar solos inspired by Mr. Link Wray.

Mark Ceaser

 Allyson's smooth vocal offsets the cool tribal rhythm we got Kyle Krysa to pound through while keeping Gent Laird in his cage while Josh Palmer glided over his fretboard. Does this make sense?


Allyson Reigh

Oral...."My Brother From a Different Mother."  This was a great project.  Full of good vibes. Dig the BG's on this cut and the Styles Montreaux organ solo.

Oral Fuentes
Deep Dark Woods
Johnny Grit
Screwtape Lewis

I was lucky enough to work with these guys on what I believe was their second album.  Redwood Forest had a great haunting vibe and if you listen to the whole track,  you'll hear my impression of Ray Manzarek.

Escape from Mexico brought Fabian and his gang closer to band camp than they had ever been.  Featuring Barrie Redford on trumpet,  this tune will stop you at the border.

From the Album, Finding Ways To Self Destruct. "Flags of Perpetual Defeat" is one of those songs that allowed the weirdness to flow out of me while mixing.

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