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Welcome to Cosmic Pad Studios new location. Our brand new studio offers the artist a place to relax and lay down tracks without worrying about watching the clock.

Sit back on the couch and grab a java.  Lets make some music.




Ross Nykiforuk



Ross,  AKA Styles Montreaux, began his full time career in music in 1990 when he began recording and touring with Virgin recording artists The Northern Pikes. Ross honed his many eclectic musical skills touring with The Pikes in Canada, the United States, and Japan, recording in facilities ranging from A&M Studios in Los Angeles to The Metalworks Studios in Toronto.


Working in world-class facilities whetted Ross’s appetite for musical arranging and recording, and when the Pikes formally broke up in 1993, Ross completed a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Saskatchewan. He routed his talent into film scoring and corporate music. This soon led to a thriving career as a composer for television and since 1993, Ross has composed the music for such TV series as Wapos Bay, Rabbit Fall, Cotter’s Wilderness Trails, and Body and Soul. Many movies including Shadow Puppets, A Fairy Tale Christmas, and The Dinosaur Hunter. Documentaries include Psychedelic Pioneers, Donna’s Story and The Gift of the Grandfathers.

Ross was nominated for a Gemini Award for “Best Original Music Score in a Dramatic Series,” for the Sci-fi drama 2030 C.E. in 2003 and again in 2010 for “Best Original Music Score in an Animated Series,” for Wapos Bay, and just recently was nominated for Best Music In a Film at the Madrid International Film Festival. In 2004, he received a Western Canadian Music Awards nomination for “Producer of the Year” The Northern Pikes album, It’s A Good Life. Other awards include a Blizzard Award in 1996 and a SMPIA Award in 1995 for his film score in the movie Paris or Somewhere.

As a producer and engineer, Ross is known for ingenuity in orchestration, precision in mixing, and an uncompromising approach to detail. He has worked with many of Canada’s best-loved performers including The Deep Dark Woods, The Sheepdogs, Mark Caesar, Jay Semko, Ellen Kolenick, Les Stroud (Survivorman), Andrea Menard, Punch Drunk Cabaret and Angie Tysseland.


Simply put, Ross Nykiforuk has an incredibly wide skill set, allowing him to literally do the work of a team of people and therefore making him musically indispensable and financially economical. This, combined with his outstanding track record with bands such as the Sheepdogs and the Northern Pikes, makes Ross Nykiforuk the perfect candidate to take the helm on your project.


Why Choose A Producer

From Saskatoon?


As an engineer Ross has the experience and know-how to harness great sounds and orchestrate spirited mixes by way of his expert technical understanding of everything from microphone placement to a mastery of Pro-Tools software. Based on the success of projects he has worked on, Ross is fast becoming a go-to-guy for artists who need their songs groomed for commercial radio play. As a multi-instrumentalist, he’s the perfect addition to any session given his ability to contribute saxophone, accordion, organ and piano. Supported by a Bachelor of Music degree earned from the University of Saskatchewan, Ross also serves as a valued arranger.


Chemistry is one of those intangibles that’s difficult to describe, but is completely evident when it takes place between artists. Being a musician himself, Ross is incredibly intuitive, transparent and collaborative. This understanding between producer and artist promotes success.


Ross is the perfect candidate to produce your album because he has the objectivity to always put the song first.  A skill put to the test working with groups like The Sheepdogs, Deep Dark Woods and the Northern Pikes, Given his experience as a touring musician, he has an innate understanding of how to capture the personality and chemistry of a high-energy act in the studio.


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